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Vera Sidika’s House- Real Estate

Vera Sidika’s House- Real Estate

Vera sidika ,the queen vee bosset’s house at the coast is just beautiful and we have to give credit where it’s due ,she is successful and with high networth it’s hard to achieve success ,the mentality to do that comes a long way ,and as she speaks about how haters say she doesn’t own her Nairobi home or it was aunctined here we are to take a look at Sidika’s home ,she took her business with her and she is famous and Rich by the way Sidika if you want to buy another flashposter we will gladly love to do business with you give us that job😜🏡

So take a look at this Kenyan celebrity home


Success always comes a long way ,and Shikwekwe is know for living in luxury ,the house is just beautiful according to our sources she still owns the kitusuru house ,if you didn’t know now you know
Sidika if you wanna buy another one flashposter is the place to come to


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