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Building a real estate brand.

Let's face it,real estate is a multi million dollar shilling industry ,there are the company's that have a large share of it while others can barely survive Even one year ,but still you have to build something that is recognisable by the masses that sticks to their subconscious like a glue ,call it hypnosis…

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Naomi Campbell’s Exotic House

It’s a very calming place,” she says. “You don’t really want to be on the phone. You’re not trying to find a television. You just want to read and be with yourself. It’s nice to just have the silence and the crickets.” Exotic,with all the money Tourism ambassador for the East Africa Country she…

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pre-approaved home loans Benefits

So many people are looking for loans but just can't get em , That's true but what if you get a special message that your loan has been approved ?not approaved but something of this sort “As our special customer, we want you to have a truly prosperous life. And, so we are happy…

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How FLASHPOSTER came to be

So let me say I'm not from a rich background ,I studied in primary school of Rich kids,the kids that will be brought to school in big cars ,in that time Pajero was the car ,I can say I belong to generation Z ,but like I was saying I studied in a school of…

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So he has an agency?

The question most agents and developers ask when they see ,here that Rodgers ,I can lt consider myself a founder yet!! There is allot of work to be done in terms of having a traffic of close to 300,000 a month ,from the web only excluding the app,but back to the previous question ,most…

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Elon Musk sold most of his houses

Elon musk sales most of his houses no all of his houses in California ,the tech billionaire had earlier in 2020 hinted that he will sale most of his houses the Tesla Ceo followed up on his word ,and went ahead to sale most of his the multi million dollar mansions "I am selling…

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Getting in touch with Real estate prospects for the first time

Hey there ,so flashposter has given you prospects a lead their email address and phone number and their name too ,so what's next !?see the trick is that our success is measured by your success yes our job is to get you the leads which we are manufacturing even as I write this but…

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Real estate trends

The Kenyan infrastructure has developed in the recent decades so has it's GDP making it lucrative for investors to invest in real estate projects,because the standards of living has increased so people are seeking better housee to live in ,this means more real estate projects are sprouting up left right and center,technology in this…

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Found the right house!!!

Ways to Know You've Found the Right House It can be as simple as a strong tug because the place reminds you of another in your past where you felt happy, and you'll realize that right off the cuff. But the tell—or tells—could be a bit more subtle. You want to go inside the…

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What the Future holds for housing

Hello,if your reading this,your probably stuck somewhere with no home or your thinking of relocating for reasons best known to you or your probably sitted in your beautiful home enjoying everything life has to offer,either way,everyone loves to know the Future,that's why their is palm reading ,astrology and other weird stuff that claim to…

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How To Negotiate Your Rent The Correct way

This tips are not only useful for tenants searching for rentals,but also to those who already have a rental and wish their prices were just a little bit lower.Talk!Human beings are social creatures,if you negotiate well you might just have your way Know the rental market Let's say you live in south-c or your…

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5-must have amenities for rich house holds in Kenya

1.Golf lawn Golf The Kenyan names of the super rich are quite many and they all have one thing in common,75% of them have a hobby of playing golf.If your among the 75% of the 1% it's highly likely that you will have the desire to purchase a home golf lawn amenity for you…

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Become A good Realtor/PROPERTY manager

Treat every client like treasure because they are ,a client might recommend you to his family or friends or even associates, Nurture leads,people that are looking for a house to buy take sometime to study ,that means if your using a portal like flashposter ,the visitor might continue coming back and back again to…

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Sale/Rent Your Properties With this tips

Tips to become a good real estate agent and sale your property quick,let's face it, you want your property sold,rented ,that is the business ,that is the job,and flash poster is giving you good tips this morning before you begin your hustle, Someone once said people will only do business with you if you…

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Is Facebook,good for your property advertising

Does Facebook advertising really work,for property managers? That's a good question,here is my answer for you as an expert in marketing ,yes and no,the answer is both yes and no,why? That's a good question..I should have restructured this to read does Facebook group marketing really work for realtors,property managers,real estate firms,and anyone in the…

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Advice when looking for a two bedroom apartment

Important Advice Every Renter Should Know When Looking for a 2-Bedroom Apartment for Rent There’s a lot more to think about when hunting for a two bedroom apartment than what to do with the extra space. Your living situation is the first major factor to consider when staring your search. Are you planning on…

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Real estate agents-tips to becoming a successful real estate agent
Portrait of African American woman holding sold sign isolated over white background

Real estate agents-tips to becoming a successful real estate agent

It's estimated that 87 percent of real estate agents fail during their first 5 years ,sm how can you avoid joining them? 1.Be positive,love what you do Have a positive mindset,know why you begun at first, 2.Give your business time,a time period of in between 12 to 18 months is realistic,meanwhile you have to…

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Ml,Ai in the real estate

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionizing the world, Machine Learning is a growing and diverse field of Artificial Intelligence which studies algorithms that are capable of automatically learning from data and making predictions based on data.The more data that is fed the more intelligent they become, Machine learning is one of the most…

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New sourceof income for landlords

Yes,this might be new for Kenyans,but we at Flashposter are giving you a new secret to collect more revenue from your property apart from the monthly rent that you get each month,well this is a little secret ,well the secret is being a YouTube influencer,there is a growing number of people who want to…

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Purchasing Land In Kenya Process

Global Property Guide How high are realtors´ and lawyers´ fees in Kenya? What about other property purchase costs? TRANSACTION COSTS Who Pays? Stamp Duty for Draft Transfe 2% - 4% buyer Legal Fees 1.5% buyer Banker´s Check Charge KES600 (US$7) buyer Registration KES500 (US$5) buyer Real Estate Agent´s Fee 1.25% seller Costs paid by…

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Booking your hotel

Getting burned with a hotel room is arguably worse because not only do you have to live there, the better deals are staring you right in the face, because they're probably the next hotel over. To avoid this situation, use some of the following tips on how best to book a hotel room.Yeah I…

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Marketting-Strategies to marketting your Property

There is nothing wrong with praying or burying the St. Joseph statue in your front yard, either, but to be highly successful, you need methods other than this typical three-step approach. The model I have adopted is called the “7 P’s” of marketing. The components of this system are price, product, promotion, place/position, people,…

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How to efficiently sell your house

How to efficiently sell your house and get the best price Selling a house is a competition, and you are up against all of the other homes for sale in your area. To shorten the time it takes to sell your home and get the best price possible, you need to help your house…

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Living in campus hostels can be exciting,really exciting,but there comes a time when you want the freedom to do the things you desire,it's only natural,but before you move off campus to that perfect hostel outside the institution,we will give you free tips on how to go about it. But before that,let's checkout the benefits…


How To Split Bills When Renting

Sometimes your financial situation might force you to acquire a roommate.Always search for a roommate that your compatible with. living with a roommate comes with some pros and cons.example of the pros include acquiring a bigger room,having more amenities in the room I.e showers,sinks,etc,you won't get lonely with a roommate around,but then comes the…

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First time renting can be an anxious moment for most people.You have just graduated from one of the many Kenyan campuses or college, you want to begin your first hustle,this guidelines are just for you on your first house renting BUDGET whether your moving from the up country to a city or a town…


Questions To Ask When Searching Rentals

The excitement that comes with searching a rental apartment is contagious,ask this questions before you rent 1.what are the rent terms You should know when the rent is due,what happens if you are late in payment and how much notice you need to give . 2.Are pets allowed? Ask whether or not pets are allowed,…

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Most of the time the feeling that comes with searching rentals in Kenya is that of anxiety.You don't really know if you will get that house rental and even if you get it,you don't know how your new neighbors will welcome you? Anxiety is part of human beings emotion, there is no need to…


Athletes,where to Rent in Kenya

Talent comes in so many ways,talent needs to be nurtured it can only be nurtured in sports ground and by training effortlessly. The rugby players,the footballers,the runners the swimmers and the body builders all have a place they train and also a place they rent. The distance between the places they train and the places they rent tend to be very close,99% of the times it’s always in the same town/city or even in the same estate. stadiumThis saves energy and time of this talented men and women of this country. This are the very best cities for athletes to rent in Kenya depending on their specialities


Who doesn’t love football,It’s no secret that top most talent in football mainly comes from the western part of Kenya.The cities that are good for footballers include;Nairobi city and Kisumu city not forgetting Kakamega town. This towns and cities are located next to the top most talents in football,footballers will do well to rent In this towns and cities because they are located close to fellow talents and also have very many training facilities which are well equipped with modern amenities.
Nairobi City stadium[/caption]

has a capacity of 15,000 Nairobi city stadium is the first stadium to have it’s first artificial turf in Kenya that was funded by football governing body FIFA, it’s known to host some of the legendary matches i.e those of Gormahia,it’s very good stadium for any football talent to showcase his/her skillsSome of the major estates that are located near Nairobi city stadium include;

.south-c estate walking distance.




Check those estates out if your a footballer or an aspiring footballer who needs important facilities to harness your skills,the stadium can be accessed from any part of the city by any means of transportation

Kasarani stadium[/caption]

Kasarani stadium Is by far the largest stadium in Kenya,capacity of 60,000 and one of the finest stadiums in africa.Mainly used for football matches,any football talent will be advantaged to rent close to the stadium or somewhere in the city.Some of the estates that are situated near kasarani stadium include;




The stadium is accessible from any part of the Nairobi city,but the three locations are closest to it in case your desire is to rent an apartment near the kasarani stadium

Nyayo stadium

It’s mainly known for hosting the legendary afc leopards home matches,with a capacity of 30,000 it’s easy to see why it’s most suitable for training footballersThis stadium can be accessed from any estate in the Nairobi city by any means of transportation

Moi stadium Kisumu[/caption]

Moi stadium Kisumu

Kisumo,The home turf of Gormahia fc,even though the stadium is not in the same class as those in the capital city,it can still be useful to emerging talents,it won’t be a complete waste of time and resources if an athlete decides to acquire a house rental next to this stadium or Kisumu city just to access this facility.Some of the estates next to this facility include;

Arina estate

.Shauri moyo estate

.Geseko estate

The stadium is easily accessible from any part of Kisumu town by any means of transportation,the estates mentioned above are very much close to the amenity,it will do you much good if you rent an apartment in one of them.

Bukhungu stadium[/caption]

Bukhungu stadium

Welcome to Kakamega,a place where football and rugby talent is manufactured. Bukhungu stadium having a capacity of 30,000 located in Kakamega county in Kakamega town is where raw talent in football is manufactured,the wanyama’s and Mariga’s have their roots here,if not here,then in the county nearby.If your a football talent from Western province and don’t want to lose your touch with home,it will be a great idea for you to rent an apartment in Kakamega town where you can access Bukhungu stadium with much ease.

Kipchoge keino stadium

Track and field athletics

Here comes the runners,the slim and tall men and women who carry the flag of Kenya so high in foreign nations.Where do they train? In the city of champions,Eldoret.A track field athlete should consider renting a house in the city of champions without delay.Examples of stadiums in eldoret Include Kipchoge keino stadium, named after a track marathon athlete,having a capacity of 10,000Example of an estate found near the amenity is Kapsoya garden estate,The stadium can non the less be accessed at the specified hours from any part of the of the town

The other Sportsmen;rugby players,swimmers and body builders can also access the above mentioned stadiums and access the amenities.The stadiums are multi purpose,Majority of the Sportsmen can use them to sharpen their skills.

After training you will need a house to rest and heal your muscles,always checkout the most suitable house rentals for you and your needs in and around the city of your choice.’


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The Office Search

Congratulations my friend,you had the perfect business plan your making profits and now you think it is the right moment to get your business a home,congrats again it is the right decision,offices not only increase trust with your clients but also make your business look professional.Clients know where to find you incase of any…

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