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About Office Space Rent
We know how difficult it is to find a home for our companies and how tedious it is to find relevant information for vacant office spaces in Malta. Office Space Rent is an online office marketplace to match those looking for office space with those who have it. Simple. We offer all types of office space solutions. From the general office to serviced offices, shared offices, offices with retail possibilities, offices with warehousing and private offices for professionals in Malta. We have the perfect setup for startups.

Our vision

Our Vision. It’s Your Office, We’re Here To Help.
Unlike many other real estate companies which confine you to a handful of predefined properties, OfficeSpace.Rent offers a limitless array of possibilities to take quick, well informed decisions, on which offices will fit your company’s requirements. There is no more need to tire yourself out asking several agencies to realise your vision: all of the office spaces are logically organised in our database and thoroughly explained in the description with details and where possible a property plan.

Why us?

User Friendly
Based on years of experience and tweaked accordingly; making browsing through the website an enjoyably experience.
Updated Listings
We try and maintain an updated front end with real time available properties.
Good Photos
We’re not seasoned photographers but we understand what you require from our galleries.

Virtual Agents
Make that extra referral buck by recommending property owners or clients.
Grow With Us
Your company will be recorded in our system and will enjoy preferential rates for future business.
Customer Oriented Service
We have YOU in mind all the way. We strike a good balance for both the owners and clients and we try to obtain a reasonable deal for all parties included.



Zep Re Place consists of 78,000 sq.ft built up area of high quality office and retail accommodation, designed to international standards.SUMMARY• Car parking spaces• Air handling• Building management system• Lighting• Perimeter trunking• Power supply• Reception• Sprinkler system• Standby Generator• Three phase power• Toilets• VentilationMINIMUM LETTABLE SPACE



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